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RADPOL Group is the only Polish supplier of complete infrastructural systems for distribution of energy, gas, water and heat. RADPOL Group builds its permanent competitive edge based on the use of innovative technologies in particular segments of operations. 


12-04-2016Marcin Kowalczyk is the new President of Radpol S.A.

Marcin Kowalczyk is the new President of Radpol S.A. The Supervisory Board of Radpol S.A., manufacturer and supplier of advanced products for the energy and heating industry, water, plumbing and gas installations, has selected a new President of the Board of Directors. They have appointed...

09-02-2015Daniel Dajewski, the new President of Radpol

Mr. Daniel Dajewski will be a new President of the Board of Radpol. The new President will take over the post on the 1 st of March.

Merge of Radpol and Wirbet

Wirbet, a manufacturer of spun concrete poles, will become a part of Radpol S.A. So far Wirbet has been an independent company within the Radpol Group. Due to it, the whole of Radpol S.A. will lower its costs due to the effect of synergy.

Radpol introduces an 800mm radiation crosslinked joint

Radpol, the only Polish manufacturer of radiation crosslinked goods with its own electron accelerators has commenced manufacturing 800mm heat shrink joints. They are an alternative for electro-welded joints. They assure the casing continuity of pre-insulated pipes in district heating systems both...

Paweł Kaczmarek - a Brown medallist of the world!

Paweł Kaczmarek, who was funded by RADPOL a high quality specialist paddle, gained a brown medal in international flatwater kayak racing 


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